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Home Sweet Home

We Believe

There are a few beliefs that we hold deeply at The Hignell Companies. Think of these as the "we hold these truths to be self-evident" part of how we think about our work. These statements describe the reasons we come to work every day. They describe the attitudes and actions you can anticipate when you rent from us.

We believe in Honoring People – We strive to treat everyone, employees, customers and vendors with honor and kindness because people matter.

We believe in Family - We treat each other like family in our office, and we treat our customers like family. We care about the owner’s interests, but also the resident’s interests – we protect both residents and owners.

We believe in Staying Legal - We understand that abiding by the California Owner/Tenant laws protects everyone so we will stay up to date and enforce these laws with our owners and our residents, even when it seems trivial.

We believe in the Power of Local Presence – We are a larger corporate company that functions like a small company. We have a local presence to ensure you can be face to face with us when needed, and we empower our local employees to help solve your challenges without a lot of corporate red tape.

We believe in Quality: We value continuous improvement in our ability to serve our clients, so we invest in ongoing education to hone our skills. At the end of the day, we want to be the very best at what we do.

Want to know more about our company? Check out our corporate page.

Creating Caring Communities is What We Do

You have a lot of choices when it comes to renting your next home or apartment and we are glad you are considering Hignell Rentals.

A lot of property management companies care only about one thing: maximizing profit for the owner of the property. While it is true that the property owner is our client, the fact is that you, our resident, are just as important to us. We believe in being fair to every party and doing all we can to make sure that our residents are well taken care of. Our larger properties have onsite management, and in some complexes, we have the privilege of having a Caring Communities Team that helps our residents get to know their neighbors and plan activities that assist with building community. Check out our Caring Communities Website for more information on communities with teams in place.

If you’ve been around the North State for a while, you might remember Living in Chico. We created that site in 2010 to help “make apartment searching funner” and that was before “funner” was a word. With that site we began seeing the value of providing great resources for our residents to help with moving in, cleaning, finding places to eat, and discovering the local events all in one place. Living in Chico was retired in April of 2019 because we had grown beyond Chico and it was getting confusing for people wondering where the best place to search was. Now that we are Hignell Rentals, we will be continuing the goal of being just a bit “funner” by continuing to provide rental resources, helpful tips and just great information on the community you live and work in.

Our tagline at Hignell Rentals is “Creating Caring Communities” and we live by that. We have been working to help people in Northern California find their next home for over 30 years and we would love to serve you.

Making Life Easier for You

At Hignell Rentals we are committed to keeping up to date on technology so that your life is easier. Once you have found your new home, you can anticipate the ease of paying rent online, submitting work orders online and being able to check your account anytime day or night. It is our goal to help you have a great experience as a resident and technology is a piece of that puzzle.

We also have our own full maintenance and construction division called Experts in Your Home. They are a team of licensed professionals across multiple areas including plumbing, electrical, heating and air and painting just to name a few. Experts helps keep our rental homes and apartments in great shape. You will see our orange and black trucks running around town making sure if something breaks, we can get it fixed quickly.