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Free Resources for Rental Living

At Hignell Rentals we realize that life is best when we are part of a community and have others to help us out when we need it. Making your home or apartment searching experience less stressful is what we are all about, but we also want your living experience to be the best that it can be!

We provide a variety of resources to help you with your life as a renter, get you plugged into your community and just make life a little easier! Some of these resources are helpful for life in apartments, and some apply to life in a rental home. We hope that as a resident in a Hignell Rentals property, you find these helpful. If you have ideas on something that would your make life as a renter easier, shoot us an email and we’ll look at developing it!

Rental Searching

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7 Tips to Make Apartment Hunting a Breeze

Apartment hunting can be tedious and time consuming, so that is why we want to help you out as much as possible with this list of tips and tricks to ensure you find your new home base without breaking a sweat. Download your tips now and begin hunting for a new place!

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Quick Steps for Applying Online at HignellRentals.com

Applying online to a rental at Hignell Rentals has never been easier! See everything you'll need before you even start the application process: the list of items required to complete the application, as well as a step-by-step guide (with screen shots!) of how to go through and submit your application.

Instantly Grab Your Application Steps
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6 Tips to Get Your Rental Application Approved

Getting a roof over your head shouldn’t be hard. If you’re new to renting or find that you’re having a hard time getting approved for a rental, then these tips are for you!

Get Your Tips for Approval

Rental Moving In/Out

16 Mind-Blowing Tips for Moving Out Before Moving In

When it comes to your moving/packing list, you may check off the big things such as moving your furniture and giving your property manager a 30-day notice, but what about the small things? They can easily be missed in the chaos that is called moving. That's why we created simple, but easily forgotten, tips to packing up your home! Download now and make the packing process less stressful!

Grab Your Packing Tips for Move Out
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13 Things To-Do Immediately After Move-In

Moving into a new apartment is fun and exciting! This is your chance for a fresh start, but what should you tackle first? We’ve found that these 13 things should definitely be done before anything else. Download this eBook now, and your apartment will start to feel like home in no time.

Grab Your Tips for Move-In

Cleaning Checklist for Your Move-Out Inspection

Moving is enough work on its own and the task of cleaning out your old rental can seem daunting, especially if you're hoping to get some of your deposit back. But it doesn't have to be! This eBook includes a room-by-room checklist and tips to help you shine during the process.

Get Your Move-Out Cleaning Checklist
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The Ultimate Moving Guide

Moving can be such a chore with all the decisions that need to be made. When to start packing, how to pack, how to move, when to move, which utilities to switch, etc. This guide covers all that and more, it really is the Ultimate Moving Guide. Download now and make your life, along with your move, easier.

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Rental Living

Apartment Safety Tips

You've heard the old adage "It's better to be safe than sorry!" This guide will help you do just that. Find out who to call when you need help, what's considered an after-hours emergency, and why renter's insurance is important.

Grab Your Safety Tips
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Pet Tool Kit

Owning a pet in an apartment can bring a million questions to mind. What type of pet can you have? Are there any policies you need to sign? Any special tips and tricks to having a pet in an apartment? Local veterinarian? Get answers to all these questions and more when you download this tool kit that holds FIVE resources to make apartment living with pets that much easier!

Retrieve Your Tool Kit

Renter’s Insurance 101

Can you afford NOT to be covered? It's important to know what you and your property manager are responsible for when there is a theft or damage. Get informed by downloading this eBook and make sure your property is covered and you are provided for in the case of a disaster.

Grab Your Copy
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Seasonal Deep Cleaning Checklist

There are multiple benefits when it comes to completing a deep clean of your rental a few times a year. #1 Your place is always clean for any gathering you want to throw. #2 When it comes to moving out you don't have to spend hours upon hours scrubbing those nasty nooks and crannies. Best part? We have a room-by-room checklist to show you where to spend your time cleaning!

Get Your Deep Clean Checklist